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Our Anti-Fog lens solution is available in two options

Anti-Fog AR

Finally, a permanent solution that does not require sprays, activation cloths, or wipes! Anti-fog coating is applied to the backside of the lens (lens facing your eyes), and combined with an anti-reflective coating on the front side (lens facing away from your eyes). The backside of the lenses will stay fog-free while wearing masks, while the anti-reflective frontside will reduce glare and reflections, and is easy to clean! It's the best compromise for anyone who has to wear a mask. This product is compatible with Blue-Light Blocker.

Available with the following lens materials: 1.50 (CR39), 1.53 (Trivex), and 1.59 (Polycarbonate)

Double Anti-Fog Technology

Anti-fog permanent coating is applied to both the frontside and backside of the lens to repel fog under any circumstance. Unlike the anti-fog AR which could fog on the frontside, anti-fog is ideal for anyone who wants to use their glasses in any indoor and outdoor environments. Anti-fog is recommended for people living in environments where the indoor/outdoor temperatures are drastically different. This product is compatible with blue-light blocker, but is incompatible with AR coatings.

Available with the following lens materials: 1.50 (CR39), 1.53 (Trivex), and 1.59 (Polycarbonate)

Anti-Fog Lens

Why do my glasses fog up?

Foggy glasses are a common problem, and with the introduction of masks, this problem has become even more widespread. Condensation occurs on glasses when water vapor lands on a cold surface, cools, and forms the fog that you see on your lens. Your lens are cooler when compared to your breath, especially when the air outside is cold. This is why when you go from indoors to outdoors, your glasses will fog.

Situations where Anti-Fog would be useful:

  • Wearing a mask
  • Sipping a hot cup of coffee or soup
  • Cooking over a hot stove
  • Opening a warm oven or steam dishwasher
  • Working out at a gym
  • Engaging in outdoor activities
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