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Protects your eyes from screens and sun.

Blue-Light Blocker Glasses

Blue-light blockers maintain a balance between performance and aesthetics. This feature is built into the lens material improving your sleep, reducing eye strain, and ultimately maximizing your focus. This lens not only blocks artificial blue light from digital devices, but filters out the sun’s natural UV rays, functioning inside and outside. This is recommended for people who use a screen for most of their daily activities, prescription or not! This product is compatible with anti-reflective and anti-fog coatings.

Available with all lens materials

Product demo: Harmful blue light penetrates and passes through normal lens on the left while the lens on the right with Blue-Light Blocker prevents the blue light from passing through.

Blue Light Protection

How would this feature benefit me?

The average person spends 9 hours per day in front of screens. This does not include the impacts of COVID-19, causing people to work remotely and kids doing their full school day online. Visual fatigue is commonly experienced after prolonged digital device activity. You may experience lack of sleep due to a shift in circadian cycles and melatonin levels. As if losing sleep is not bad enough, harmful blue light may cause dizziness, headaches, and an overall lack of concentration. Other instances that will expose you to blue light are driving, going outside without sunglasses, or simply watching TV.

We recommend blue-light blockers if you are among the:

  • 83% of kids using digital devices for over 3 hours a day
  • 43% of working adults who suffer prolonged exposure to digital devices
  • Social-distancing population who is required to work remotely or choosing to shop online
  • Teenage - young adult population studying online, scrolling through social media, or binge-watching TV shows

Blue Light Filtering Lens
Bad Blue Light is Blocked

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