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Our anti-reflective coating is the most comprehensive bundle available on the market today. Our anti-reflective coating features include all the extra features in the chart below. If you read a lot, have a lot of screen time, or are out in the sun, our AR coating bundle is highly recommended to help you see more clearly and keep your glasses clean!

Available with all lens materials

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If you are out on the road at night, or enjoy that night life, then go with our AR+ bundle! In addition to all the features of the anti-reflective coating bundle, you also get extended durability, extra UV protection, and most importantly, high contrast for clearer vision at night.

Available with all lens materials

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AR and AR+ lens will give you the clearest vision possible. AR+ has the extra benefit of even reducing nighttime glare! As everyday use of smartphones, TV viewing, and other electronics grow, our eyes get strained more and more. AR lenses reduce reflection, which in turn will decrease eyestrain and allow for clearer vision. All of the added features of our AR/AR+ bundle will also help protect your glasses by keeping them cleaner, allowing them to last longer.

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